“Glory Woman”


a woman’s glory may not be mothers pride

weekend seminars and ongoing courses

Wiggling your butt while walking is good for the soul!


You will learn this and other secrets in the GLORY WOMAN seminar

Because the GLORY WOMAN seminar is more than just burlesque:

It strips you of your armour and helps to reveal your true essence

It dresses you in new, fulfilling roles that will bring new vitality

It makes you love your body as it is

It makes you feel beautiful and increases your self-confidence

It gives you the freedom, joy and courage to show yourself in all your glory

Out of the CHE DONNA courses emerged my burlesque theatre company “Le Belle Pollastrelle” (The beautiful chickens), who I have been coaching since 2014 and with whom I still perform the show “Le Boudoir Fru Fru”.

I act as artistic director, stagecoach, sisterhood coach, director and take part myself by singing and acting.
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