One-to-One Coaching

I always like to refer to the origins of coaching within sports.

We have a dream, set a goal, train what it takes to achieve this in a sensual, easy and flowing way by implementing new habits in thinking, feeling and acting.

It’s important to me to give you the possibility to name and disintegrate emerging resistances, doubts and fears between the sessions in which we work on new insights, visions, possibilities, strategies and implementation options, i.e. on updating your life.

This ensures ongoing and sustainable support for the process.

It takes time, self-love, patience and a little magic.

It is part of the game and ok that resistance arises and relapses into old, deep-seated behaviors.
But that is what we want to transform in order to create a new reality first inside and then on the outside.

Yes, and very important… never take yourself too seriously but always do this fondly with a portion of good humor and
a lot of  self-irony!

Overview of my different One-to-One Coaching settings:

Single sessions of 60 minutes supported by 1 subsequent 20 minute check-in using zoom or skype.

Monthly subscription of 1 session of 60 minutes, supported by 3 subsequent check-ins of 15 minutes each on zoom or skype between each meeting.

Coaching packages of 6 or 10 sessions of 60 minutes each supported by 1 subsequent check-in of 20 minutes each on zoom or skype between the single meetings.

All-Over-One-To-One is priceless and consists of supercharged annual support from a first individual session of 90 minutes and a 30-minute weekly check-in and a
state-of-the-art session every 3 months for 90 minutes.