Enigma d’Amor

Seminars and interactive conferences

Many women do not know the ingredients for a loving, empowering relationship, creating one unhappy, unsatisfactory relationship after another.

Nourishing connections are no accident.
You can learn how to create them.

Enigma d’Amor is a coaching seminar for women which transforms relationships and frees you from the veil of illusion. You will be given insights and tools that empower you to have fulfilling and respectful relationships.

In this seminar you will learn:

  • How much power you have in a relationship
  • That you got the key to a good partnership
  • How you can be either respectful, fair and kind, or mean and destructive
  • The different needs of men and women and their different communication structures
  • Which patterns you have acquired in relationships
  • How you consciously end your little girl behaviour and welcome the mature adult woman that also lives inside you
  • How to get what you want in a relationship while ensuring that your partner gets what he wants too
  • How to recognize which man is right for you and how/ where to find him

We work with:


  • Role play based on real everyday situations
  • Intensive coaching dialogues
  • Theatre of lust and frustration
  • Loving reflection
  • Healing ceremonies
  • Sisterhood communication techniques
  • … .. and other surprises