Find yourself again

“It is never too late for a happy childhood and juicy puberty”.

When the children leave the house, a vacuum is created.

Your life’s content of the past years has vanished.

You feel useless and empty.

Even if you have a busy life, there is now missing one wing to fly.

I thought that would not happen to me. But it has, along with this slightly painful pull in the emotional heart.

It is important to keep up your adventurous curiosity and interests in order to avoid the temptation to cling and indulge in “childhood memories”, so ask yourself:

What have I not lived and experienced yet?
What do I want to give to the world?
Where is still unfulfilled hunger?


The children are out of the woods and there is more space for yourself again.

But where to start?

At work, you might have missed the boat. How to make a virtue out of necessity?

That’s exactly what I developed my re-entry program for.

Step by step, we crystallize what calls you, what you want to experience in your life NOW and what makes you lighten up.

We put aside obstructive beliefs, explore possibilities, develop strategies for action through which your inner Phoenix can gloriously rise from the ashes.

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30 is hardworking – 40 is spicy – 50 is hearty – 60 is splendid – 70 is important – 80 is juicy