Circle of manifestation on
the 8 celtic annual festivals

Annual sisterhood program

What for and why?

Be part of a women’s community, in which the participants commit themselves to grow, to see each other in their best possible way, free from competition and judgments.

Establishing good, deep and supportive relationships with women and constantly developing them further.

Growing together is faster, deeper, higher and wider.

Within this common focus, the powers of everyone increase and unite to form a strong beacon in which things get manifested.

Under my guidance, problems get solved, new perspectives arise, surprising and unexpected opportunities and facts are created, and blocked energies get released.

This is the basis to:

  • manifest your heart’s desires
  • heal yourself, your life and others
  • let common energetic rituals work for manifestation
  • learn matriarchal teachings on female power
  • bring changes to life
  • update the picture you have of yourself
  • combine your strength with other women in a ceremonial manifestation

The 8 celtic annual festivals:

  1. Imbolc – february 2nd
  2. Ostara – march 21st – early spring
  3. Beltane – april 30th
  4. Litha – june 21st – summer solstice
  5. Lammas – august 2nd
  6. Mabon – september 23rd – fall equinox
  7. Samhain – october 31st
  8. Yule – december 21st – winter solstice

    More to the 8 annual festivals on Wikipedia



8 meetings on the celtic festivals:
one day and one evening each, in which each participant receives and gives healing and personal reflection.

Opening and closing with meditation and ceremony.

For reflection and feedback:
8 online meetings via zoom as a group, always 2 weeks after the meeting in person.
Duration: 90 minutes each

Minimum number of participants: 8

Next annual circle starts May 01, 2020