Burlesque and me

How did I get into Burlesque?

Right at the beginning of my London adventure, I started a music comedy duo, The Germaniaxx, together with an actress and dancer. We created the Germaniaxx Show, with which we performed successfully in clubs, at corporate events and even in the British National Theatre at Southbank.

We often performed during dinner club programs, along with burlesque girls, whom I always admired but who were always unreachable for me in their elegance and beauty.

In 2006, we were invited as a duo to the International London Burlesque Festival as a side act. When we finished our show, a huge audience screamed and shouted “undress, undress”… yes, and that’s what I did… that’s how I started burlesque… I learned by doing. It was a lot of fun and …I soon learned that I was super gifted …

When I just enjoy myself, learning is easy and fast, and over time I lost false inhibitions and uptightness.

I started to feel beautiful and comfortable within my body, the body which I had always found too clumsy.

Yes, but how did I get to teach? Again, life showed me the way “by chance”.

After moving from London to Ticino, I enrolled in a shamanic school in Italy. During a coffee break we chatted and spoke about what else we did in life. When I mentioned that I was dancing burlesque in London, a woman freaked out and shouted “Ooh, this has always been my dream; can you teach me? I will organize a few friends and then let’s do a course at my place”, said and done.

My first Burlesque course took place with 13 women attending surrounded by a heavenly landscape in Veneto … that was in 2010.

Since then I have continued to develop the CHE DONNA courses. (Che Donna, translated into English means something like: “oh what a woman!”, hence the English name GLORY WOMAN).

Over time, I incorporated my coaching skills, sometimes singing, the matriarchal teachings and shamanic ceremonies into the seminars. CHE DONNA has become a unique mix of empowering, creative and sometimes life-changing elements build into a seminar.

Based on the quest for life, the love of one’s own body as a birth right, creative engagement, humour and non-judgmental sisterhood, every woman can show herself in her brightest light and her deepest night. Without these ingredients, nothing essential would happen. We would get stuck in the comfort zone at the right temperature, in the longing for recognition, with a feeling of competition and seductive energy that is not good for anyone.

Out of the CHE DONNA courses emerged my burlesque theatre company “Le Belle Pollastrelle” (The beautiful chicken), which I have been coaching since 2014 and with which I still perform the show “Le Boudoir Fru Fru”. I act as artistic director, stagecoach, sisterhood coach, director and take part myself by singing and acting. If you are curious, check out: