Overview coaching programs

One-to-One Coaching

personal meeting or online

Single sessions of 60 minutes supported by 1 subsequent 20 minute check-in using zoom or skype.

Monthly subscription of 1 session of 60 minutes, supported by 3 subsequent check-ins of 15 minutes each on zoom or skype between each meeting.

Coaching packages of 6 or 10 sessions of 60 minutes each supported by 1 subsequent check-in of 20 minutes each on zoom or skype between the single meetings.

All-Over-One-To-One is priceless and consists of supercharged annual support from a first individual session of 90 minutes and a 30-minute weekly check-in and
a state-of-the-art session every 3 months for 90 minutes.

What a Difference a Day makes

Your personal coaching day

Do you feel that you are at a turning point?

Are there no perspectives that really inspire you?

Are you stuck in emotional entanglements?

A full day of coaching in nature with potent ceremonies and rituals at places of strength in Ticino (CH) or at a place of your choice.

Enigma d’Amor

Seminars and interactive conferences

Many women do not know the ingredients for a loving, empowering relationship, creating one unhappy, unsatisfactory relationship after another.

Nourishing connections are no accident.
You can learn how to create them.

Enigma d’Amor is a coaching seminar for women which transforms relationships and frees you from the veil of illusion. You will be given insights and tools that empower you to have fulfilling and respectful relationships.

Find yourself again

Rejoin professional life after a career break
each time in your life

30 is hardworking

40 is spicy

50 is hearty

60 is splendid

70 is important

80 is juicy

Circle of manifestations on
the 8 celtic annual festivals

Annual sisterhood program

Are you missing good, deep and supportive relationships with women?

Are you bored with friends only talking about clothes, children, the kitchen, gossip and consumption?

Would you like to be part of a women’s community in which the participants commit themselves to grow, to see each other in their highest possibility, free from competition and judgments?


8 meetings on the celtic festivals:
one day and one evening each, in which each participant receives and gives healing and personal reflection.

Opening and closing with meditation and ceremony.

For reflection and feedback:
8 online meetings via zoom as a group, always 2 weeks after the meeting in person.
Duration: 90 minutes each

Minimum number of participants: 8

Archetype annual program

Become WHOLE and live all your FACETS

Within ourselves we are many and yet one and unique.

During this annual program you will integrate all important primeval female roles into your being, enjoy them with pleasure and live out freely.

You break out of retracted roles, behavior and open up a new range of self-expression.

The archetype annual program consists of:

4 face-to-face group meetings
from friday evening to sunday afternoon

6 group meetings online
of 60 min each

6 individual coaching sessions
of 60 min each

My program is designed for 6 to 10 participants

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